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Living the Story: ‘Sweetgrass’ Exposed Filmmaker to Rigors of Herders’ Lifestyle

The mountains were far from family, too, far enough that he couldn’t go home when the work day was through.
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Climbing around boulders, up and down hills, working with domestic sheep that become half wild over several months grazing in the high country was tough enough. Add to this the dangers, [...]

‘Sweetgrass’ follows Montana sheepherders on final grazing drive

How many movies can say they have a cast of thousands, and mean it? “Sweetgrass” can. It’s a gorgeous and, believe it
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or not, riveting documentary . . . about sheep. Shot without narration, interviews or music — save for a near-constant [...]

Das Schweifen der Lämmer

Schafe sehen dich an: der Dokfilm „Sweetgrass“. Von 2001 bis 2003 haben Lucien Castaing-Taylor und Ilisa Barbash eine der letzten Schafsrancherfamilien von Montana bei ihren letzten Almauftrieben begleitet und ihnen bei der Arbeit
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Desde Europa

[T]he highlight of the 2009 Punto de Vista festival was the documentary Western directed by Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Ilisa Barbash, Sweetgrass. Shot digitally between 2001 and 2003, the film documents the last journey of two charismatic cowboys through Montana”s Absaroka-Beartooth mountains, where they graze their herds during the summer. [With
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A Eulogy for the Cowboy: Sweetgrass Takes You on the Last Montana Sheep Drive

The documentary Sweetgrass describes itself as an “unsentimental elegy to the American West.” And while it is true that the film doesn’t get wishy-washy, preachy, or overtly nostalgic, the film doesn’t lack for sentiment. It’s such a gorgeous, simple, beautiful little movie that it is very hard not to get emotionally involved in its [...]

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