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The Importance Of Considering The Social Determinants Of Health

People with higher incomes tend to be healthier and live longer than people with low incomes. They usually have more access to safe spaces for exercise or other activities. People with low incomes are more likely to live in a community of poverty. These can include unsafe housing, more challenges in getting healthy food, and less time for exercise or physical activity.

Understanding the biological pathway of the disease and its interactions with other biological processes facilitates treatment options by modifying the causal path. The influence of genes on health always exists in an environmental context; in the next sections we describe how genes affect behavior and the physical and social environments.

While behaviors like smoking, drinking, and exercise are known to affect later health, it is not clear how these behaviors develop in childhood . The identification of genes that confer susceptibility to adverse or beneficial responses following exposure to diverse social environments has only just begun. Classically, genes have been considered to be the “instructions” for building proteins, although it is clear now that they have other functions as well. A gene may affect health as a result of the interaction of its protein product with another aspect of a child’s biology. The combinations of these interactions may result in an enhanced, worsened, or inconsequential change in health status.

Having a lower income also affects your ability to have affordable health insurance. These include things like housing, financial security, community safety, employment, education and the environment. More recently, there is growing media and public awareness over income inequalities which have continued to grow amongst OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries over the last 30 years in spite of significant periods of economic growth . Wilkinson and Pickett have highlighted the body of evidence which shows the impact of income inequalities on a range of population health and social outcomes . Recent research has also highlighted a potential link between ‘neo-liberal’ economic policies such as reductions in public sector spending and increased stress, obesity and health inequalities .

Thus, the findings that are reported as significant may be significant only in the population studied or similar populations. Nonetheless, the committee found the evidence to be sufficiently compelling to warrant inclusion when there was a plausible, well-supported connection between the influence and health. Wellness experts at Cleveland Clinic Center for Lifestyle Medicine within the Wellness Institute have successfully used a system of group-based, hands-on interventions for more than four years. These interventions include nutrition, culinary techniques, physical activity, and stress management approaches of therapeutic yoga and behavioral health coaching to improve outcomes for patients at risk and those who already have common chronic diseases.

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  • The U.S. General Accounting Office reported that 20 percent of primary and secondary schools had indoor air quality problems; more than half had environmental pollutant or building ventilation problems that could affect air quality (U.S. homepage General Accounting Office, 1995).
  • Schools are often located on old industrial sites or near highways, resulting in exposure to auto emissions and air pollution .
  • In some communities, schools have been built on relatively undesirable land, such as landfill sites like Love Canal.
  • Many school buildings are old and poorly maintained, leading to exposures to air pollutants, radon, asbestos, pesticides, and lead .

Nevertheless, healthy lifestyle modifications are possible with appropriate interventions, which include nutritional counseling, exercise training, and stress management techniques to improve outcomes for patients at risk and those who already have common chronic diseases. Even though doctors encourage healthful behaviors to help prevent or manage many chronic medical conditions, many patients are inadequately prepared to either start or maintain these appropriate, healthy changes. Most patients understand the reasoning behind a healthy lifestyle even if they don’t understand the disease processes that can occur when they don’t maintain healthy habits. Despite an understanding of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, many patients lack the behavioral skills they need to apply everyday to sustain these good habits. Neighborhood conditions are an important part of housing, and can also affect your health.

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One caveat should be kept in mind in reading through the following review of evidence. Few of the cited studies drew their evidence from randomized experiments. And few if any of the nonexperimental studies included all relevant variables in their data and analyses. A related problem is that few of the cited studies include data that represent the whole population of children.

These growing income and wealth gaps, combined with environmental concerns, have instigated debate and proposals for alternative economic systems that could deliver improved health outcomes and reduced health inequalities . To date, public health researchers have begun to map out the interconnected pathways and linkages between economic conditions/policies and health outcomes. For example, the links between poverty and poor health are wide-ranging and well-documented with lower income being associated with both behavioural risk factors, such as smoking, and a range of negative health outcomes . Similarly, involuntary unemployment and its related income loss are associated with negative health outcomes .

Thoughts On Aspects Of Healthy Habits

A neighborhood that is free from violence, crime, and pollution gives children and adults a safe place for physical activity. A home that is close to grocery stores makes it easier for families to buy and eat healthy foods. A thriving neighborhood also offers employment, transportation, and good schools.

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