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With the Mistress’ backing, the other Factions launched attacks on the unsuspecting Empire. With the combined effort of so many Factions, the resolve of the Empire began to waiver and Pellaeon began to search out a way for peace to save his Empire and it’s people. In his search, he encountered Sidious in his guise as leader of the Rebel Alliance.

Once they had done so, Denal and Rex rendezvoused with Skywalker, R2-D2, and the Twilight in Skytop Station’s main hangar. There, R3-S6 revealed his true allegiances by sealing the exits and activating a trio of vulture droids, thus preventing Rex and Skywalker from aiding Tano in her confrontation with Grievous. Once the Republic’s intelligence confirmed the existence of the Confederacy’s new listening post, Skywalker received orders from Kenobi to find and eliminate the base. While his fleet scoured a targeted region of space, Skywalker elected to undertake a solo scouting mission to sweep the area’s outer corridor. Yet, once Skywalker and R3-S6 were alone in the former’s Delta-7B interceptor, R3-S6 activated the starfighter’s homing beacon, leading Grievous and a pair of warships directly to their location. It was only due to the timely intervention of Rex and Tano, who hurriedly assembled a squad of soldiers and arrived aboard the Twilight, that Skywalker narrowly escaped demise at Grievous’s hands.

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  • Throughout the Clone Wars, clone troopers and battle droids fought and destroyed each other.
  • He saw action on fronts as Khorm and Aleen, and was part of the mission that recovered the lightsaber of Sifo Dyas on the moon of Oba Diah.
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As such, with the Jedi being guardians of life and guardians specifically of the Republic itself, it would seem they have an imperative to fight this war to the best of their ability. Dooku also worked for Sidious to create the Separatist Movement, a group of planets threatening to secede from the Republic. The Separatist army of battle droids and the Grand Army of the Republic were the two main forces in the Clone Wars.

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The Shadow Collective later lured Count Dooku and General Grievous into a trap on Ord Mantell. Separatist ground and space forces were decimated during the battle and the two Separatist leaders were captured by Maul and his allies. Maul’s Shadow Collective was later defeated by Separatist forces with the help of Darth Sidious at Dathomir. Later, two of Grievous’ IG-100 MagnaGuards assassinated Jedi Master Tu-Anh on the neutral world of Utapau. After Kenobi and Skywalker stole the crystal, General brought some droid forces, including some of his MagnaGuards, to recover the crystal.

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