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Keyword and providers. These tokens are usually translated as keywords and can’t be used as identifiers

Rough keywords and phrases

classroom declares a class

do starts a do/while circle (cycle with postcondition)

else describes the division of an if manifestation that is certainly performed whenever the problem is bogus

untrue points out the ‘false’ worth of the Boolean sort

specifies the object getting iterated in an at circle

is utilized as an infix driver to check on that an advantages belongs to a variety, a group or some other entity that specifies the ‘contains’ strategy

can be used in as soon as construction for a similar reason

mark a kind factor as contravariant

is employed as a manager to take a look that a worth will not fit in with a variety, a variety or another organization that determine the ‘contains’ process

is utilized in when construction for the very same function

user interface declares a screen

is used in as soon as construction for the same purpose

is utilized in whenever construction for a similar mission

null happens to be a continuing standing for an item referral which doesn’t denote any target

accurate points out the ‘true’ importance of the Boolean type

typealias reports a kind alias

typeof restricted to upcoming incorporate

val declares a read-only land or hometown varying

var reports a mutable belongings or regional variable

if begins an once concept (performs on the list of considering divisions)

while starts quite a while program (hook with prerequisite)

Soothing keyword combinations

These tokens become keyword through the situation after being applicable that can also be utilized for identifiers various other contexts:

compelling recommendations an active input Kotlin/JS rule

worth with the school keyword phrase reports an inline lessons

Modifier search phrases

The following tokens act as keyword phrases in modifier email lists of conditions and will be utilized for identifiers some other contexts:

real means a platform-specific application in multiplatform projects

conceptual marks a category or manhood as theoretical

annotation reports an annotation type

partner declares a companion object

const markings a home as a compile-time constant

enum reports an enumeration

suppose mark a resolution as platform-specific, planning on an implementation in program segments.

external spots an affirmation as applied perhaps not in Kotlin (easily accessible through JNI or even in JavaScript)

infix permits calling a features in infix notation

inner makes making reference to the exterior school circumstances from a nested class

inner mark a resolution as obvious in today’s section

out scars a type quantity as covariant

supersede mark a member as a supersede of a superclass representative

consumer represents a resolution as obvious everywhere

reified mark a kind vardeenhet of an inline be available at runtime

sealed declares a closed lessons (a class with restricted subclassing)

suspend scars a feature or lambda as suspending (usable as a coroutine)

tailrec marks a be tail-recursive (permitting the compiler to change recursion with iteration)

Special identifiers

The below identifiers are actually characterized with the compiler in certain contexts and can also be used as normal identifiers in other contexts:

field is utilized inside a home accessor to mention for the backing discipline belonging to the residence

Providers and unique representations

Kotlin holds the below employees and particular representations:

&& , || , ! – reasonable ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘not’ providers (for bitwise activity, need matching infix features)

== , != – equality operators (render to messages of equals() for non-primitive kinds)

, > , , >= – review workers (translated to phone calls of compareTo() for non-primitive type)

[ , ] – listed gain access randki z filipiÅ„skim facetem to manager (render to telephone calls of purchase and place )

?. carries out a secure telephone call (dubs a technique or accesses home when recipient happens to be non-null)

?: require the right-hand worth if the left-hand appreciate is definitely null (the elvis operator)

: split a reputation from a kind in conditions

? signifies a kind as nullable

split the boundaries and body of a lambda concept

distinguishes the details and homecoming means testimony in a function kinds

distinguishes the illness and the entire body of an if term branch

introduces or recommendations a loop label

introduces or recommendations a lambda label

; stands between numerous statements on a single range

$ recommendations a variable or phrase in a series template

substitutes an untouched vardeenhet in a lambda manifestation

substitutes an abandoned parameter in a destructuring resolution

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