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Disney’s Moana opens up for the theaters to your November 23, which have very early tests delivery Monday, November twenty two

Walt Disney Images newest animated function movie Moana tells the storyline out-of an excellent competing teenager exactly who outlines to the a courageous goal to store this lady anybody – to show by herself once the a king wayfinder and meet her ancestors’ unfinished trip. While in the their trip, she suits the fresh new once-mighty demi-jesus Maui (voiced from the Dwayne Johnson), and you will together, it traverse brand new discover ocean toward a task-packed trip, experiencing enormous flaming animals and you can up against impossible opportunity.

Prior to going see it for the silver screen, some tips about what you need to know about the letters of Moana…


Moana (Auli‘we Cravalho) is actually a daring, tenacious and you may caring sixteen-year-dated that is struggling to find the lady correct care about. Whenever you are the girl father, Chief Tui, demands the lady to adhere to in his footsteps and you can head their isle eventually, Moana is drawn to the sea. The people out of the woman community try taboo to visit outside of the safety of one’s reef, the open sea appears to beckon Moana.

‘It cannot hunt possible for the woman in order to satisfy this lady heart’s focus nevertheless getting genuine so you can her anyone and her people,’ – manager Ron Clements.

‘She originated out of navigators, but she does not understand it.’ When their island is actually threatened by the a negative darkness, Moana holiday breaks the rules and you will kits sail towards a legendary adventure to store the woman anybody and find the fresh new answers she is been surfing on her whole life. – John Musker.

‘She is motivated to settle the challenge associated with world you to definitely could have been haunting them and it has produced voyaging hopeless.’

‘If the she will deal with this issue that is plagued them to possess good thousand decades, perhaps voyaging could resume.’ ‘She actually is a powerful character who outlines so you can recover just what their someone www.datingmentor.org/escort/pearland/ forgotten not so long ago,’ – music producer Osnat Shurer.

‘It is not a romance story it is action, adventure, fun and drama. Moana desires cut the nation practically no matter if the woman is just regarding the simply person that realizes it will take rescuing. She is a powerful part design to have the present visitors.’

‘This lady has the latest heart regarding Moana,’ states Shurer. ‘I tease the woman and you can she teases us back. There is an effective fearlessness, but meanwhile legitimate enthusiasm. The woman is a natural talent and you may an expert yet still a man in your mind.’

Maui (Dwayne Johnson) is actually a beneficial demigod. Half god, half of mortal, most of the super. Magnetic and comedy, the guy wields a magical fishhook which allows him to shapeshift toward all kinds of pets and you will pull-up islands from the sea. Maui had previously been considered the greatest hero from inside the Oceania; their body’s covered with tattoos out of his outrageous feats, in addition to a micro-form of himself that acts as Maui’s conscience.

‘He or she is investing a cost having their methods which can be somewhat of a lost hero a shadow off his previous mind. Moana requires your so you can correct their wrongs and you may repair what is actually been forgotten.’

Starting an important travels out of mind-development near to Moana, Maui will bring their super stamina along with their extremely-size of issues.

‘Maui try a charismatic profile and you will Dwayne is nothing otherwise charismatic. He’s higher comedic time,nails the action scenes in fact it is therefore likable. And then he normally sing.’

Gramma Tala

Gramma Tala (Rachel Household), Moana’s confidante and greatest buddy, shares the woman granddaughter’s unique link with the sea. Even in the event the woman man, Head Tui, are a zero-nonsense commander, Gramma Tala most definitely dances to the beat off her very own drum. She seems inside her spirit that ocean possess big arrangements having Moana, however, she would not inform you the fresh legendary gifts of its wayfinding forefathers up until the big date excellent.

‘She knows the real history of the individuals and understands how important it is one Moana retains onto the girl ambitions. However, she never ever brings the woman brand new responses. She allows Moana see the girl method.’

Tui & Sui

Moana’s dad, Master Tui (Temuera Morrison), ’s the gregarious and you will better-acknowledged frontrunner of the people from Motunui Isle. He wishes Moana to follow within his footsteps as the frontrunner off the anybody however, worries their daughter’s exposure to the sea and the nation that lays past their reef.

‘Her dad informs the lady over and over repeatedly she shouldn’t promotion out towards hazardous water,’ claims Bush. ‘The guy insists this lady character is as future captain of the somebody. The guy reminds her associated with massive duty and exactly how crucial they is actually for the girl in order to incorporate they.’

Although it seems like he’s globes aside, Captain Tui and you will Moana have more in accordance than simply both off him or her discover.

Moana’s mom usually keeps the lady right back. Lively, evident and you may good-willed, Sina (Nicole Scherzinger) values Moana’s craving to be on water. However, comparable to Tui, this lady difficult-oriented spouse, Sina really wants to include the woman daughter in the fabled dangers beyond the latest reef. First off, Sina trusts Moana to make the correct decisions.


The fresh new Kakamora is actually wild, coconut-armored pirates who happen to live towards the a trash and you will flotsam protected boat one to drifts freely within ocean. Brand new Kakamora could be short, but they are high pressure warriors who will stop at absolutely nothing to score what they need.


Tamatoa (Jemaine Clement) is actually a home-engrossed 50-legs crab exactly who resides in Lalotai, the field of monsters. The brand new conceited crustacean desires be more than just an effective ‘bottom feeder’ and you can overcompensates for it seen drawback because of the layer himself throughout things shiny. New devoted collector increasingly holds onto their ever before-growing variety of artifacts, plus a nasty grudge facing Maui.

Hei Hei

Hei Hei is but one dumb rooster. New community idiot, actually. In the event the clueless chicken occur to stows away for the Moana’s canoe, he countries a side-row chair on her unbelievable excursion. But when Maui purpose the brand new feathered fowl since the their second buffet, kind-hearted Moana sticks this lady shoulder over to cut Heihei. Alan Tudyk, one of many animation studios’ most recognized voice actors (Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, Large Character 6), try at the rear of the sound from Hei Hei.

Pua is actually Moana’s loyal pet pig which have puppy times and an enthusiastic innocent puppy attention. He’s guileless and you can sweet and you can would do anything to have Moana. Pua merely desires the lady to-be pleased.

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